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Garden Ideas

Can Herbs Be Grown Indoors in the Absence of Sunlight?

<a href="http://gardenoholic.com/garden-ideas/plants-that-dont-require-plenty-of-water/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Sunlight is a necessary requirement for most plants</a> as it helps with the process of photosynthesis. Nevertheless, not all plants need sunlight to grow, and some herbs are not an exception.  This...
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Plants and Herbs

Medicinal, Edible, and Horticulturally-Used Herbal Flowers

Beyond their great appearances, herbal flowers are versatile and can be used medicinally and for culinary purposes. Others are pollinator attractors and may provide food for beneficial insects. Here are some multipurpose <a href="http://gardenoholic.com/garden-ideas/flowers-that-can-thrive-without-much-water/"...
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