Flowers That Can Thrive Without Much Water


Besides its beautiful purple hue and calming aroma, lavender is also loved by gardeners because they don’t require plenty of water. If planted in a pot, you must ensure that it drains well.


You can never go wrong with lantana flowers in your garden. The flowers are beautiful and have a fragrance that attracts bees and hummingbirds. They can be grown in pots or in the ground with any soil type.

Globe Thistle

Globe Thistles are known for their gorgeous color, adding a great appeal to your garden. Ensure that they are well established first before planting them in your garden.

Full Sun Plants

Full sun plants require very little maintenance, making them suitable for potted environments. These are great if you live in areas with plenty of sunshine. Here are great full sun plants.

1. Lavender

Bring a splash of color to your garden and aroma to your kitchen with lavender flowers. These plants enjoy full sun and don’t require plenty of water. 

2. Zinnias

These flowers come in a range of interesting colors to give your garden a vibrant look. Although they do well in the sun, ensure that you don’t expose them to direct sunlight

3. Miniflora Roses

These roses do well in bushes like traditional roses. They are tall and can grow up to 5 feet in height. Hence, they are best planted where there is adequate space.

4. Dahlia

Dahlia flourishes in Zones 8 and 11 in full sun. Nevertheless, they can bloom all summer when provided an hour or so of afternoon shade. This is particularly true if you live in an area that is super-hot.

5. Petunias

If you have limited space in your home, consider growing petunias. They can be planted in hanging baskets or on the ground. They are also available in different colors and sizes and love the sun.

6. Geranium

This is another flower that requires plenty of sunshine throughout the day. However, they may not do well when exposed to very high temperatures. 

7. Yarrow

The yarrow plant does well when grown in extremely hot and dry gardens. Exposing it to hot conditions allows it to germinate quickly.

8. Sunflowers

No doubt sunflowers enjoy the sun. They are adorable, beneficial, and don’t mind exposure to full sun all day long.

9. Peony

This plant is known for its dark green foliage and exuberant flowers. Besides their luscious colors, these flowers have a strong scent that attracts bees and ants. It is also a shrub and requires plenty of room.

10. Tropical Milkweed

Tropical Milkweed can bring life to your garden with its bright color. These plants are also tall and can do well in Zones 3 to 9. These flowers can stay in the sun the entire day while providing shade to shorter plants. 

11. Daylily

Often mistaken for lilies, daylilies have long and thin leaves and big blooms. This plant grows really fast and multiplies quickly.

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