How to Put Christmas Lights on Arches

 Every year, as the festive season approaches, I’m reminded of the first time I decided to put Christmas lights on the arches in my garden. Those arches, which usually serve as beautiful but simple Christmas driveway lights, transformed into a magical gateway of twinkling lights. The journey from being a novice to somewhat of an expert in arch lighting was a hard lesson. Today, I’m sharing my experiences to help DIYers light up their arches easily and elegantly.

Choosing the Set of Lights

I remember standing in the aisle of a local store, overwhelmed by the variety of Christmas lights before me. After much contemplation, I realized that flexibility was key. Given the curves and turns of arches, the lights needed to be malleable. I settled on LED string lights. Not only were they flexible, but they also offered energy efficiency and a variety of colors. My advice? Always opt for lights that can easily bend around the arch’s structure.

Safety Lessons I’ll Never Forget

In my initial excitement, I almost overlooked the importance of safety. On my first attempt, I tried to hang lights on a particularly tall arch without any help. The wobbly ladder and a near-fall experience taught me never to underestimate the value of a helping hand. Now, I always ensure that the lights are in perfect working condition before installation and have a trusty friend or family member by my side, especially when dealing with heights.

The Installation

Starting the installation was a puzzle in itself. Where to begin? After a few trials and errors, I copied the way my climbing fruits make their way up. Starting at the base of one side of the arch was the most efficient method. This allowed me to wrap the lights around seamlessly, finishing at the base on the opposite side. However, depending on the design of your arch and the lighting pattern you have in mind, you might need to adjust your starting point.

The Wrap Technique

The first time I wrapped the lights around the arch, I realized I had been too sparse in some areas and too dense in others. The key, I discovered, is consistency. Hold the light string taut (but not too tight) and wrap it around the arch at consistent intervals. This ensures an even distribution of lights, creating a harmonious glow. Hide the power source and any extra string length to maintain a clean look.

Dealing With Challenges

Nature, especially wind and rain, can be a challenge. One year, a heavy gust of wind tangled my lights into a hopeless mess. From then on, I started using light clips and cable ties to secure the lights firmly to the arch. These little tools are lifesavers, ensuring that the lights stay in place regardless of the weather.

The Joy of Completion

There’s an indescribable joy in stepping back and looking at a beautifully lit arch, knowing you did it yourself. The soft glow, the lights accentuate the arch’s curves, and the holiday ambiance they create are truly rewarding. Over the years, I’ve received countless compliments and queries about my technique, and it always brings a smile to my face.

My Last Advice

Decorating arches with Christmas lights has become a cherished annual tradition for me. While the process had its challenges, especially in the beginning, the results have always been worth the effort. For all the DIYers out there looking to embark on this festive adventure, remember to prioritize safety, choose the right lights, and enjoy the process. The magic you create will not only light up your arches but also the faces of those who pass through them.

Brenda Klaus

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