Can Herbs Be Grown Indoors in the Absence of Sunlight?

Sunlight is a necessary requirement for most plants as it helps with the process of photosynthesis. Nevertheless, not all plants need sunlight to grow, and some herbs are not an exception. 

This article looks at how these plants can be cultivated indoors without sunlight.

Growing Herbs Indoors Using Grow Lights

Like other plants, herbs need either direct or indirect sunlight to generate more essential oil. Generally, most herbs need at least 6 hours of light daily. The best thing is that herbs don’t just rely on light from the sun. They can grow well with lights from grow light or fluorescent lamps.

How Do Grow Lights Differ from Regular Lights?

Grow lights have a more powerful and intense light than regular lights. Hence, they help promote the process of photosynthesis, enabling the plant to thrive.

The other difference is that grow lights combine different colors to promote plant and flower growth. This is unlike ordinary lights that emit only one main color.

Can Herbs Survive Indoors Without Sunlight or Grow Lights?

Herbs can grow without direct sunlight but they must be supplied with a source of light to grow and thrive. This means that these herbs cannot grow in complete darkness.

But what if your room doesn’t get access to natural light? This is where artificial lighting because necessary. If you can’t access sunlight, then you must ensure that your herbs are exposed to grow lights to facilitate the necessary growth process. 

Herbs That Can Grow Without Sunlight

Here is a list of herbs that can survive in indirect sunlight as long as there is some artificial light.


This is a well-known herb in the world of culinary. 

It is versatile, comes in different varieties, and can do well indoors with little light.


This herb is easy to grow and can thrive well in the shade. Chives add flavor to stews and can be added to salads. In indirect sunlight, you need to use grow lights for several hours a day.


This is a fragrant herb that can be used for cooking and salad dressing. It also has several health benefits and thrives year after year.


You can grow coriander indoors without direct sunlight. It is popularly used in most Vietnamese dishes.


Dill grows quickly when exposed to several hours of direct sunshine. Nonetheless, it can grow and mature in shady areas. 

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